Surrogacy Process

Surrogacy Packages Cost in Rohtak, Surrogacy Process in Rohtak, Surrogacy Services in Rohtak, Best Surrogacy Centre in Rohtak, Low cost Surrogacy in Rohtak. The Process includes all regular tests and investigations at the same time.n the escrow account and take care of the surrogate mother by conductiThe first thing that you need to keep in Rohtakmind about Surrogacy as an assistive reproduction process is that it is safe, hassle-free, private, confidential and absolutely hassle-free if you patronize the services of a hospital. With our expertise, you can be rest assured that your time, money, energy and trust are in Rohtaksafe hands. We will help you with the documentation process, help open the escrow account and take care of the surrogate mother by conducting all regular tests and investigations at the same time.

Staying calm is half the battle won
As a first time parent, there may be certain Rohtakapprehensions in Rohtakyour mind with regard to IVF, ICSI, surrogacy in Rohtak and it is perfectly normal to have such doubts. But you should assure yourself with one thing in Rohtakmind that your case is being handled by people who have devoted their entire careers into the field of assisted reproduction. And these fertility specialists have gone through the rigors of medical school, internership, residency, fellowship and are double-distilled products from the best medical schools that have made a name for themselves in Rohtakthe surrogacy space.

Our due diligence system
At our IVF Surrogacy Clinic in Rohtak, we have a strong due-diligence system that not only does reference checks of surrogates but also ensures that the surrogates are in Rohtaksound mental, physical health before they are accepted into the process. We have a sound legal framework that ensures all documentation is in Rohtakplace along with the escrow arrangements so that both parties are confident of a successful outcome.
We conduct both traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy for our patrons. The former is referred to as the process where sperms from the natural father are used and inseminated into the eggs from the surrogate who is the donor. The latter is more popular where the embryo is placed in Rohtakthe uterus of the