Egg Freezing Cost in RohtakDelhi

Egg Freezing in RohtakDelhi,Egg Freezing Cost in RohtakDelhi,Freezing Eggs for ivf in RohtakDelhi. This kind of assisted reproduction technique is usually availed by women who are above 35 and want to store their eggs for retrieval at a later point in Rohtaklife when they are ready to start a family. Egg freezing services are available at a fixed yearly charge and some labs use flash egg freezing while others use slow egg freezing technique.

Patients desirous of availing egg freezing services need to inform the IVF clinic a few weeks in Rohtakadvance as to when they want to undergo the surgical procedure for harvesting of mature eggs. There is a 21 day horizon from the beginning of the menstrual cycle when the ovaries are being readied for the stimulation phenomenon. Certain Rohtakspecific medications are administered to female patients in Rohtakorder to produce more eggs and ultrasound guided surgical needles are employed to harvest eggs from the ovary.

Eggs are in Rohtakfluid form when they are extracted from the ovaries and they are then poured into a petri-dish and examined under a microscope. Water is removed from the eggs using advanced techniques and an anti-freeze solution is poured over them in Rohtakorder to ensure that ice-crystals do not form over them.

Thereafter these eggs are stored in Rohtakliquid nitrogen tubes for a period that is defined in Rohtakthe consent form. And many years later when the patient wants to start a family, they are injected with a needle containing a single sperm. When the eggs are exposed to sperms, they develop into embryos which are then placed into the uterus by embryologists and carried to full term and subsequent delivery by the intended mother.