Who Needs Surrogacy

Surrogate Treatment Cost in Rohini, Need Surrogate Mother in Rohini. If you are trying your best to have a child without using any assisted reproduction technique, then questions like these might be coming in Rohiniyour mind. As a method of assisted reproduction, surrogacy is opted for when a female patient cannot carry a foetus to its full term owing to medical reasons. in Rohinisuch a case, the embryo developed after fertilizing the female eggs with the male sperm is implanted in Rohinithe womb of a surrogate mother who carries the child to full term and delivers the baby. There are several reasons enumerated below as to why a female patient might not be able to carry a child to its full term in Rohiniher womb.

Rokitansky Syndrome-women born without a womb

Repeated IVF inspite of good quality embryo

Recurrent miscarriages

No uterus since birth


Large uterine fibroids in Rohiniuterus

Hysterectomy or uterus removal


Genetical tuberculosis

Damaged uterine lining

Chronic Diabetes mellitus

Blood clotting disorders


Abnormalities in Rohinithe size of uterus

If your spouse has any of the above conditions, then we suggest you come and consult the fertility specialists at our clinic and we will guide you in Rohinithe best possible manner