Frozen Embryo Transfer

Frozen Embryo Transfer in Maysor, FET Freezing Centre in Maysor, Embryo Freezing Centre in Maysor, FET, Embryo Freezing Cost in Maysor. An advanced assisted reproduction process, embryo freezing is undertaken only when a couple has given its written consent for their embryos to be freezed. Often IVF or ICSI techniques are used to freeze embryos and the consent form defines the length for which the embryos need to be frozen, intended purpose i.e. whether they can be used for biomedical research or for self use. The consent form also states as to what will happen to the frozen embryos in case of sudden death of the both partners. There are certain distinct advantages which Embryo freezing offers which are stated below:

• It enhances the chances of conception in case multiple IVF cycles fail.
• Ethical issues related to embryo disposal are eliminated as embryos stored in freezing conditions can be retrieved for later use.
• In case, one of the partners feel that his or her health can deteriorate in the near future, then they can opt for embryo freezing in order to preserve his or her fertility and ensure healthy progeny.
• If the male partner is employed in a high-risk profession then going in for embryo freezing makes sense.
In western countries, some patients planning to undergo sex change operation might opt for embryo freezing to have children who have the same genetic characteristics as them.