Sperm Freezing in Guinea

Sperm Freezing in Guinea,Semen Freezing Process in Guinea,Sperm Freezing Cost in Guinea. If you are reading this, chances are that you are a bachelor above 40 or someone who is going through prolonged illness and is anxious about the fact that your sperm quality will deteriorate as a result of continued allopathic medication. And in order to ensure healthy progeny having the same characteristics as you, sperm freezing is a step that you and your spouse should seriously take under consideration. Both Inter-uterine insemination and intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection use frozen sperms and therefore this procedure is gaining momentum in the assisted reproduction space.

Sperms are either collected manually in a paper cup by the male partner or they are extracted surgically through testicular sperm aspiration or through microepididymal sperm aspiration which is performed subcutaneously as sperms are found in the epididymis. As soon as the sperms are collected, they are placed on a warming block at a temperature of 37 degree Celsius. Sperms liquefy at this temperature and they are mixed with a freezing element in a one to one ratio and placed in liquid nitrogen containers for a long time.

Our experience has shown that each ejaculate of the male partner yields around one to six vials which are labeled carefully along with the patient's name, date and unique identification number and the vapors emanating within liquid nitrogen containers are sufficient to freeze the sperm for a long time till they are retrieved for IUI or ICSI procedures.