Assisted Hatching

Assisting Hatching IVF in Bahadurgarh,Laser Assisted Hatching Treatment in Bahadurgarh,Affordable Laser Assisted Hatching in Bahadurgarh. If you are reading this, chances are that you stumbled upon this page after doing a Google Search on "Laser Assisted hatching" that we are going to explain here as it is gaining momentum in the IVF treatment arena. India with its low cost talent pool and lower medical costs as compared to other countries is now a preferred destination for foreigners and people of Indian origin who want to avail laser assisted hatching facility at affordable costs.

Who needs it?
Most patients who are eager to know more about laser assisted hatching often want to know as to who needs this kind of treatment? The answer is as follows:
• Women above 37 years of age who have had two or more failed IVF cycles or those with elevated Follicle Stimulating Hormone.
• Female patients who have a thick or abnormal egg shell or poor quality, slow developing embryos or those with excessive fragmentation.

How it is done?
This highly advanced procedure is performed on the third day of in-vitro development when the embryo is in the cleavage stage. The outer covering of the embryo is shattered by throwing a few laser pulses away from the cells of the embryo so that only the shell is broken. The opening made by breaking the outer shell of the embryo is called zona pellucida. Simultaneous acid-digestion is conducted so as to hasten the process of breaking down the shell. Once this opening is created, it helps the embryo to emerge out of the shell and assist in the implantation process.
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