What Is IVF

Affordable IVF Treatment in Ashok Vihar, Low Cost IVF in Ashok Vihar, Affordable In Vitro in Ashok Vihar. The most complex thing a man has ever studied is itself his own body. God's most beautiful creation and the most difficult to understand too. Though man has tried to understand ourselves as well and have created various miracles. One of those miracles is IVF which is short from of In-Vitro Fertilization. This technique is like a reason to live happily for those couples which are facing problem in the process of reproduction. This technique makes sure that their home can also hear the beautiful cry of a new born baby.

The process of reproduction can be explained in simpler term as in this way. In normal cases, man's sperm meets the woman's egg and produces an embryo in woman's womb. Out of million sperms, only one sperm succeeds in fertilizing with the woman's egg. This process actually explains the reproduction in humans but sometimes due to various complication, this process doesn't actually occurs in the same way as it should and the reasons of it could be many. Medical science has come up with a solution of it and that solution is IVF.

Under the process of IVF, the fertilization, in simple words the meeting of sperm with the woman's egg is carried out outside the body of woman under the special surroundings artificially created by specialists. A woman's egg is sucked out from the woman's body and the sperm is made to meet with it to produce the fertilized embryo in the laboratory itself. After the successful meeting and embryo generation, the embryo is placed back in the woman's body for further regeneration. This is the whole idea of IVF. This whole processes generally takes around 13-14 days.