Infertility Centre in Amravati, Infertility Centers in Amravati, Infertility Clinics in Amravati, Best, Top & Famous Infertility Doctors in Amravati. IVF is not the only way to try for your infertility problem. There are various other options available too but for women having age more than 40, this option is the primary one. There are various other health issues as well that could force you to take up the procedure of IVF, and these are:
• Damaged Fallopian Tube: Fallopian tube is the area in the woman's body where the woman's egg gets fertilized by meeting a man's sperm. If this part of the woman's body is damaged or broken, it could ask for IVF treatment for the process of reproduction.

• Ovarian Failure: If the ovary is not functioning properly at the age before 40 and is unable to produce proper hormones or fewer eggs are available for fertilization then you have to rush for IVF treatment.

• Sperm count or functional issue: If the man's sperm count is less or the mobility of the sperm is not according to the mark as needed for the reproduction process, then also you can take up the option of IVF.

• A genetic Disorder: If you or your partner fear of transferring some disease or any other thing genetically to the baby you can choose the option of IVF and be doubt free as the embryo that will be formed outside the woman's body will be checked for health before transferring back to the woman's body, although it is not possible to look for all the genetic problems but yes, some of them can be safely kept away from the child.

• Woman is possessing serious health issue: Through this technique of IVF, woman who cannot afford to carry the baby in their womb can lend other woman's womb for their embryo and can have their problem solved. Isn't it amazing?
There are many other cases where IVF treatment could be the last choice to be taken up by the couple for having their baby in this world.